Choose from these wonderful opportunities to learn about what amazing things some labs and programs at UBC are working on. Make your selection during the online registration process.

Updated for 2023!

1)      The Beaty Biodiversity Museum: Backstage Biodiversity

2)      Chemistry Department: Shared Instrumentation Facility and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

3)      Civil Engineering Department: Earthquake! Earthquake!

4)      Microbiology and Immunology Department: Bacteria – Small but Mighty

5)      Engineering Physics Department: The Makerspace for Engineering Physics Students

6)      Engineering and Science GEERing Up!: Design and Build Challenge

7)      Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health: Watching Brain Circuits Growth

8)      Chemistry Department: Tour a Chemistry Research Lab

9)      The Pacific Museum of Earth: OminGlobe Tour

10)     Physics and Astronomy Department: Metals, Magnets and Superconductors

11)      Pharmaceutical Sciences: What is Blood Pressure and Why Does it Matter?

12)   Computer Science Department: CS Lab Tour for Women-Identifying Students