2021 Project List

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has prevented the hosting of an in-person Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair at UBC, but we have overcome this challenge! Hard work and dedication by students, teachers, parents and mentors has resulted in 132 projects registering for the 2021 Virtual Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair. These projects represent 38 schools from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Our volunteer committee and close to 200 judges have been evaluating these projects over the past few weeks, with the awards to be announced in mid-April. Click on the links below to read the exceptional work and research by these young researchers.

Alexander Academy
Mania Khalesi – Neuroplasticity and How it helps the recovery process?
Jesly Lin – Does having an extra chromosome makes people more susceptible to Alzheimer’s?
Huang Xuerou and Nina Wu – Travel Cleaning Kit

Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary
Aaron Zhao – Exploiting Hydrotropism and Hydropatterning in Wheat Plants to Boost Growth

Britannia Secondary School
Ashki Shkur and Candyce Wong- Let’s Amass Some Gas

Burnaby North Secondary
Rowan Ross and Yuntong Li – A Novel Approach to Bio-Friendly Microplastic Extraction with Ascidians
Liam Ferdinandez – Does the shape of a ships bow affect its speed in the water? Lets find out!
Elsie LI and Lori Kullahian – H2-Oh No
Evan Pena – Does the temperature of a basketball affect the way it bounces?

Collingwood School
Jerry Zhang – Using Google Search Data to assess risks during pandemics
Braden Wang – Smart Computer Stand
Henry Zhao – DIY Quadruped Robot with Rough Terrain Traversal
Shirley Yu – The New Road Standard – Predicting and Preventing Your Next Crash
Amanda Yang – How Much Does the Student Population of a School Affect the Spread of COVID-19 Within That School
Rain Huang – Healthy Mushroom Sugar
Dillon McLean and Quinn Reynolds – Let’s Reinvent The Arrow
Rose Ghannad – Alcohol: Secrets Exposed
Lilian Hu and Nimrita Bhogal – The Effects of Different pH Levels on Reverse Spherification.

Crofton House
Amy Tang and Natasha Poon – Is Your Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs?

David Thompson
Viduni Siriwardana – Synthesize Energy from Recycled Aluminum Beverage Cans
Edwin Lui and Patrick Huynh – Waxstic
Justin Du – Characteristics Generation of Canadian PV Arrays by Machine Learning
Flora Jones – Comfy Crutches
Brydan Yuen – Mask Effectiveness of Catching Droplets When Talking
Jing Quan Peng – CoroSheild: A Physical Distancing Evaluator for the Visually Impaired
Stephanie Tamkee – Can UV Light Help Us Reuse Masks
Selena Du – DNA Preservation in Epoxy Resin
Lucie Li – Houses Don’t Need Hydration
Franny Chen and Ramya Shah – An ATTRACTive Solution to Microplastics
Amy Li – Using Artificial Intelligence to Maximize the Efficiency of Cloudy Day Solar Reflectors
Matthew Moi – Do Compostable Bags Live Up To Their Name?
Joseph Soo – A Novel 3D Printed Mobility Aid through Gait Imitation
Devraj Chakraborty and Rachel Leong  – Magic Air Filter
Junah Fossl – Beating Hearing Impairments with Arduino
Pari Goyal – BandaGEL – A Phytochemical- Based Liquid Bandage
Lucas Jung and Yolanda Tan- FilaMILK
Tara Zhan – MotionDx: Creating an Effective and Affordable Smart Pill Bottle

Deer Lake SDA School
William Zhao – Flame Detector

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary
Mataya Gill – Can You Wash Your Hands? Do Students Wash Their Hands Properly in School?
Sophia Colpitts – Memorizing Numbers
Cara Rudolph – Scrambled Pangolin

Eric Hamber Secondary
Victoria Chong – A Deep-Learning AI Framework to Diagnose Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Tienlan Sun – TeleAEye: Low-Cost Automated Eye Disease Diagnosis Using a Novel Smartphone Fundus Camera With AI

Handsworth Secondary
Cheng Zhang – Caffeine’s Effect on Test Taking

Heritage Woods Secondary
Viktor Glogovac – Automatic Leak Detection and Prevention System

Hillcrest Middle School
Matthew Jang – Designing Buildings For Earthquake Resistance

Ideal Mini School
Paul Jang and Ryan Yi- Will He Burst His Rubber?
Krish Thakur and Robert Arutyunyan – Zappy Feet

Independent or Home Schooled
Steven Liu – Exploring Electromagnetic Waves and Possible Uses in Privacy
Maddy Blommestein – Hungry Hummingbirds

Kerrisdale Elementary
Carson Dalpke – Passive solar heating – Ancient civilizations used it, we can do it too!

Kitsilano Secondary
Maya Kennedy – Sweat on the Brain: The Effect of Various Forms of Exercise on Mental Health
Brett Caswell – L’eutrophisation : les algues dans la presence du phosphate de monoammonium et du nitrate d’ammonium

Lord Byng Secondary
Catherine Diyakonov – Battling Oxidative Stress: The Effects of Nano-Antioxidants on Saccharomyces cerevisiae’s Response to Oxidizing Agent Exposure
Jonathan Leung – A Comparison of 2 Health Assessment Methods for Prunus cerasifera \’Atropurpurea\’

Maple Creek Middle School
Sajan Bui – Microbial Fuel Cells

Moscrop Secondary
Wendy Fang – PollenGPS III: A Novel Airborne Pollen Monitoring System
Mark Pan and Mihailo Misic – The Electrocoagulator: Utilizing Electrocoagulation Flotation to Combat Harmful Algal Blooms
Sandy Zheng and Wendy Zheng – How Does The Length Of Exposure To UV Rays Affect The Amount Of CO2 Released By Yeast Cells?

Mulgrave School
Wings Zhang – Speedy Snowboards

Point Grey Secondary
Nomuna Munkh-Orgil and Sydney Kagetsu – Sustainable Seaweed

Port Moody Secondary
Athena Cai – Using Histograms of Electromyography Signals to Detect Essential Tremor

Prince of Wales Secondary
Sophia Yang – A Novel Study on the Link Between Negative Thinking and TP53-Mutated Carcinogenesis
Gabbie Lee – Tree Volt
Ellie Botham – Price vs. Quality – Comparing Waterproof Performance of Mascaras
Selina Xie – Wrap Without Waste
Ethan Chase – Wave Energy
Isabella Pavan – Eco Friendly Packaging, Can It Save the Environment and Your Dinner?
Darren Wang – The Stability and Flight Trajectory of Badminton Shuttlecocks
Mylo Raffaele-Hamar – Thirsty For a Solution
Margot Helliwell – Vancouver stream health and salmon populations
Gaia Fameli – Is the Sound Right for Sound Learning? A study on classroom noise
Ruby boyd – The power of knowledge; How a daily prompt can reduce caorbon dioxide emissions
Euan Fraser – Things are Getting Heated
Ayaan Jeraj – Golf Balls: Drop versus Distance
Ella Majkic – The Effects of Protective Materials on the Electromagnetic Field of an iPhone

R C Palmer Secondary
Katia Deyneko and Sarah Seto – Today Is Sweet

R M Grauer Elementary
Alexa Foster – Biochar: Then and Now

Sentinel Secondary
Zhiliang Ma – Developing an Alogorithm to Screen if a Person is Feverish Due to a Disease like Covid 19
Pei Hong Zhou – Using a Renewable Iron Cycle in Lunar & Mars Habitats
Shize Fan – !941 to 1961 CMBR Measurement

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary
Maya Schutz – Optimal Puck Sliding Temperature

Sir William Osler Elementary
Layla Switzer-Caplan – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sleep Problems
Jett Wu – Electric Defections

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Maya Honda-Granirer – Coagulation of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Microplastics: Which Coagulant Works Best?
Herong (Alina) Zhang – City’s Dust Net: Six BC Pinophyta Conifers’ Dust Retention Ability and Impact on Photosynthesis Productivity
Nathaniel Tham – Mood and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Based on Location and Local Number of Cases
Kevin Zhang – Being Quick as Quicksort?
David Li – Anatomy to Aircraft: Application of Biomimicry to Modern-day Airliners to Reduce Emissions
Alysha Lee – Can UV-C be Sparkling Clean? Testing the effectiveness of Ultraviolet light to clean stainless steel water bottles

St George’s School
Richard Chen – Healthy Mushroom Sugar
William Zhang – Waterborne Partially Corsslinked Polyurethane as Textile Auxiliaries

St John’s School
Ethan Chan – Spinal Solution: Developing an electronic device to detect cerebrospinal fluid in the emergency room
Amelia Wu – Magnetic Train: A Ride to the Future
Kian Afshar and Lucas Macdonnell – Does the colour of light affect a plants growth
Athan Irinakis and Caleb Fitch – How sight affects taste
Amanda Lee and Matthew Lee – The Water Battle
Benjamin Ryerson and Noah Betteridge – Does the Temperature of a Puck Affect its Ability to Travel on Ice?
Coco Ji and Louisa Cassidy- Memory Compared to the Type of Book, Paper or Digital

St Thomas Aquinas
Billy Park – How Have you BEAN?

Stratford Hall
Ryan Yeung and Taryn Wong- The Antibacterial Effectiveness of Fluoride Alternatives Compared to Fluoride
Clara Tsai – The Effect of Temperature on the Ascorbic Acid Content of Orange Juice
Ava Bhura – The effectiveness of masks in the prevention of spreading germs
Benjamin Jung and Lucas Venugopal – Demonstrating Thermo Electricity using Candles and Peltier Tiles
Rhea Sunderji – Effect of the Time of Recollection (Minutes) on the Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony (%) in a Fourth-Degree Burglary
Sienna Cheung and Veniece Tseng – The Effectiveness of Natural Antibiotics on Killing Bacteria
Nghi Truong – Kimestry: The Science of Kimchi Fermentation
Uma Kesting – Comparing effectiveness of N95, surgical, and polyester masks

Tecumseh Elementary
Ryan Wang – Tech or Teaching

University Transition Program
Kevin Wang – A Secure Mask Seal: A Novel Solution for the Systematic Prevention of Particles Bypassing Masks
Ebrahim Hussain – The JUMP Code — The Key to Dynamic Computing
James Thom – Frozen Over: Preventing Ice Bombs using Hydrophobics and Nanotechnology
Huxley Bragg – A Tale Of Two Houses

Urban Academy
Kaelen Nutter and Naya Johnston – Sunburnt Radishes
Hilo Henry – The leaf disk experiment
Imroz Khosa – A Hidden Safe Project

West Point Grey Academy
Addison Bryant – Ocean Water Rocket Fuel
Julia Muscat and Stella Humphey – The Impact of DiSC Personality Profile on Stress Responce
Shoushan Kalpakian – Do Different Genres of Music Affect Your Heart Rate?
Adrian Lee and Kyle Gu – Are you wearing a defective mask?
Kyle Taylor and Matthew Anselmo – THE UNBREAKABLE BRIDGE
Oliver Burton – \Learning Environment\”: The Effect of Teaching Methods on Learning”
Kamran Gwadry and Trevor Wong – Which wood stain would be best at waterproofing wood in the Greater Vancouver climate?

York House School
Bella Wang – Do You Need A Seismic Upgrade?
Veronica Guo – A Novel Approach to Decomposing Polystyrene
Angela Tan – A Study on Language Acquisition
Kaida Okamura – Audio Math
Annabelle Lang – Using daphnia to identify the least harmful fertilizers.
Elisabeth Day – Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Disposable Masks
Lauren Chan – Reaction Time
Niamh Kalmar – Different Types of Music Affecting Studying