2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair Projects

The following projects were selected to represent the Greater Vancouver Region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, hosted May 15 – June 1 in Ottawa, Ontario

Junior (Grade 7 – 8)

ChromaSight: Traffic Signal Assist – A novel machine learning model to detect traffic signals
Aaron Bai
St. George’s School

Shadows of a Pandemic – Predicting Pandemics with Computer Vision
Christopher Lin
Home School

Using Deep Learning to Understand Endangered Orca Pregnancies
Nara Harvey
Eric Hamber Secondary School

OH· : Solving Plastic Pollution
Justin (Jiaxing) Gu
St. George’s School

Intermediate (Grade 9 – 10)

DeviceABLE: A Novel Hands-Free Computing App for People with Disabilities
Jora Singh Nahal
University Hill Secondary School

Gene Expression-Based Prediction of Chemotherapy Response with Machine Learning
Dewey Liang
David Thompson Secondary School

Reviving Resources: Harnessing Soap Nut Grey Water for Sustainable Plant Growth
Tanvir Mundra
St. John’s School

Senior (Grade 11 – 12)

S2S: AI-Powered Translation Between Sign and Spoken Languages
Angela Cao
University Transition Program

A Comparison of Cocos Nucifera and Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) Fiber as a Substitute for Absorbent Layers in Menstrual Pads
Siyi Wang, Siyang Wang
York House School

A Novel, Cost-Effective Biological Photovoltaic for Wastewater Treatment
Yu Han Guo
York House School

Comparing spider diversity between 2 farming communities and assessing alpha, beta, and gamma diversities
Jonathan Leung
Lord Byng Secondary School

Design of a Control Strategy for a Hemiplegic Exoskeleton
Tara Zhan
David Thompson Secondary School

Low-Cost AR-Enabled Eyewear for Dynamic 3D Spatial Speech Captioning for the Hearing-Impaired
Justin (Jing Quan) Peng
David Thompson Secondary School

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Metabolomics Reveals the Metabolic Spatial Heterogeneity in Gastric Cancer
Flora Wang
Mulgrave School

A Novel, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Nano Drug Delivery Using In Silico Modeling of Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
Pallege-Viduni Siriwardana
David Thompson Secondary School

Eradicating Cystic Fibrosis Biofilms with Salicylates by Inhibition of Bacterial Adhesion
An Wang
Prince of Wales Secondary School