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What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a process involving communication between an advisor and a student. The advisor – a scientist, teacher, parent, or other individual– may provide guidance and advice in their area of expertise. A mentoring relationship may be informal (for example, if you already know someone with expertise in your area of interest) or may be formalized as part of a mentorship program. Mentors may make suggestions and help point students in useful directions, but cannot (a) come up with the project idea themselves, or (b) do the project themselves. Sometimes mentors provide equipment or laboratory space.

A Caution
Remember, a project is not necessarily more successful because it makes use of sophisticated lab equipment. Projects are judged based on many factors including the student’s knowledge and resourcefulness in using tools available to them. Fancier tools do not make for a better project – even if it appears to be graduate student-level work.


Mentorship Guidelines and Resources

Please read Youth Science Canada’s mentorship considerations, which also apply to projects that participate in the GVRSF:

Considerations for Judges

The Effect of different levels of mentorship on Medals Awarded at the CWSF

Guide for Researchers Acting as Mentors


BC Science Fair Alumni Mentorship Program

The Science Fair Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) is an initiative run by volunteer science fair alumni which helps students in grades 7-12 find the resources they need to investigate scientific questions of interest to them. Based on an initial project proposal, AMP matches students with one or two mentors: a former Canada-Wide Science Fair participant and a university or industry expert.

For more information and to apply, visit the AMP website


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