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J 026 E Power Panel
J 027 D Influence of Smartphone Use on Academic Performance
J 028 D The Growth of Crystals
J 029 E Hydro-electricity? Shocking!
J 030 D Maple Syrup can FIX that
J 031 D The effects of natural and chemical leaveners on the spoilage process of baked goods.
J 032 E Electromagnetisme
J 033 D Messing With Magnus
J 034 D Plastic comestible
J 035 D Privacy Monitor
J 121 D Thermometric Titration of Orange Juice Acidity
J 129 D Soil pH and Plant Growth
J 130 F Press Start: Testing Reaction Speeds
J 132 F Password Security: Getting hacked is easier than you think
J 133 D Investigating Fluid Dynamics on Glass and Acrylic
J 134 V Project Rainbow
J 135 F Bucket Sorting
J 137 F What is the Fastest Prime Number Algorithm?
J 138 F The Optimization of the Bus System
J 140 H So You Think You Can Hear?
J 141 H Vitamin C in Orange Juice
J 142 H Pill or Injection? - Examining Natural Bio adhesive Polymers for Nanoparticle Drug Delivery
J 143 V Diesel vs. Bitumen
J 144 V À La Recherche Pour L'Eau Potable
J 145 V Les Bacteries Dans L'eau
J 146 D La Transfere de la Chaleur
J 147 D Stuck on You
J 148 N The Possible Use of Monopropellants and an Aerospike Rocket Engine on a Mass Direct Type Return Return Mission to Earth
J 149 D Effect of Temperature on Quadcopter Battery Life
J 150 D The Ultimate Angle
J 152 D Gender affecting memory
J 153 D Do You Remember?
J 154 D Egg Shell Brown v.s. White
J 155 F When Science Sparkles
J 156 H What area of the school contains the most bacteria?
J 157 H Does Distraction Affect Pain Tolerance?
J 158 V Speed Composting
J 159 H I Blued My Food
J 160 V Do Plants Have Feelings?
J 161 H Secrets Behind Sleep
J 162 H The Effects of Environmental Factors on Human Stress Levels
J 163 H Aspirinting to Grow
J 164 V Going Bananas!
J 166 N Hydro Doggy Door
J 167 N Fresh Air Green Bin
J 168 H Tea Tree Oil- The Bacteria Killer
J 169 V Quelles substances prolongent la vie d'une tulipe?
J 170 V Brilliant Biodegrading
J 171 V Do bananas increase the ripening rate of fruits?
J 172 H Effect of Fabrics on the Absorption of UV Light
J 173 V Can music affect plant growth?
J 174 F Music Makes Your Heart Go Boom
J 175 H C-ing the Difference
J 176 F Unity vs. Stencyl
J 177 D Sourire!
J 178 D To Tide or Not To Tide
J 179 D Does Listening to Music Effect Math Peformance?
J 180 H Boys vs. Girls Who Wears Braces Longer
J 181 H Disease Eradication: A Revolution in Medicine
J 182 N Can Bioplastic save the polar bears?
J 183 N popsicle stick towers
J 184 H Synesthesia and its Connection to Memory and Learning
J 185 H The Effect of Chopsticks on Health
J 186 H Disinfection is the Key to Perfection
J 187 N Desalination For Hydration
J 188 H The Eggs are Dyeing
J 189 F Beam Me Up Eggy: Measuring the Speed of Light in Your Home
J 190 H Hocus Pocus Focus!
J 191 N Handy Grip
J 192 H How Much Gas Do Certain Beverages Produce In Your Stomach?
J 193 H Light's Hold Upon Us
J 194 H ClayTastic! The Antimicrobial Properties of Clay
J 195 R Analysis of Tea Pigments and Stains
J 196 H Vitamin C, what you need
J 197 H Is Anybody Safe?
J 198 E Solar Powered Wind Turbine
J 199 H How fast can you react?
J 200 N Magnetic Braking
J 201 N Virtual NANORGS
J 202 N LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 solves rescue during the natural disasters or Rubik's Cube puzzleRubik's Cube
J 203 H Secretly Smooth: Which Moisturizer Works the Best?
J 204 H The Stroop Effect
J 205 H Xylitol vs. Sugar
J 206 H Organic Inhibition of Potato Sprouts
J 207 D Vanilla Extract: Is Pure Really Worth The Money?
J 208 V How Expensive is Your Skin?
J 209 V Saving our Water Ways With Fluorescence
J 210 V Degrade Erosion
J 211 V Reclaimed Water: Grey is the new Green
J 212 V The Canucks' Carbon Footprint
J 213 E Exploring Hydrogen
J 214 E What is the best way to heat water using solar power?
J 215 E How much Electricity does a Solar Charger Produce
J 216 N Fantastic Organic Plastic!
J 217 E ThermEl: A Wearable Generator
J 221 N Ink Pump
J 222 N Homemade Hand Warmer Demonstration
J 223 N Sauvez Mon Oeuf
J 224 N Magnetic Levitation
J 225 N Making 3D printing stronger
J 226 V Adapt to Drought
J 227 D Clorox Bleach vs. T-Shirts: A Science Fair Experiment
J 228 D The effect of three different types of air in a soccerball
J 229 D Which Pigments are the Best: Rate of Mould Growth on Tempera Paint
J 230 V How does oil effect plants
J 231 V The Crusher
J 232 D How deep is your sleep?
J 233 V Aspirin Plants


M 009 D Body Laterality vs. Brain Dominance
M 010 D Ink is Green
M 012 N We've Got Your Back
M 013 N Drone Jammers
M 014 D DrawVinci - A Robot that Produces Unique Works of Art
M 015 V Dirty,Dirty Diatoms
M 016 D The Effects of Garlic and Cloves on Microorganisms
M 017 V The Effects Of Sunscreen On Bean Sprouts In UV Light
M 018 V Effect of Caffeine on Plants
M 019 D Don't Paint on Fire
M 020 D The damage colgate and crest toothpaste cause on pig skin
M 021 D How Can I Prevent Chlorine Damage?
M 022 E Synthesizing Ethanol Through Fermenting Grass
M 023 E Thermoelectric Fireplace
M 024 D Territorial Behaviour of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
M 025 E L’Efficacité des Hélices
M 036 D Sizing the Rainbow
M 037 D Finding Filtration Facility
M 038 R A brain phantom for simultaneous magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography measurements
M 039 D Mathematical Umbrellas
M 040 N Algebot
M 041 F Fungi? Not So Fun
M 042 R The Future of Food
M 043 F PhotoCo2synthesis
M 044 F Using Genetic Algorithms to Create Safer Self-Driving Cars
M 052 E The Fuel of the Future - Potato Peel Ethanol!
M 054 V How does the amount of copper, silver, and chromium in Britannia Mine contaminated soils affect the performance of phytoremediation and chemical washing remediation methods?
M 055 V Compost Energy: Microbial Fuel Cell and Effects of pH Alteration
M 056 V Power of sun light
M 057 V Kill the Spill
M 058 D How does a table tennis ball's weight influence its bounciness
M 059 D Copper Conundrum
M 060 V Darcy's Law
M 061 N Chitin-tastic Plastic!
M 062 H When the Meat Meets the Ground
M 063 V Oil Absorptivity of Natural Sorbents
M 064 V The Great Mask
M 065 H The Efficiencies of Natural Remedies Against Fungal Infections
M 066 H Tumor-Specific TCR-pMHC Database
M 067 V A Micronormous Problem
M 068 V Reef Algae Blooms
M 069 N Water Saving Shower Head: Multi-iterative Design Incorporating Atomized Flow
M 070 N Une «Solution»au Feux de Forêts
M 073 H Personality and Experience's Effect on Stress Change
M 077 E Sound Energy
M 078 D Disproving and Rederiving the Betz Law Through Theoretical and Experimental Methods
M 079 F The Speed of Light
M 080 H Curry in a Hurry
M 081 H To drink or not to drink?
M 082 H Forgetting Hertz
M 083 N simulating bio-electricity
M 084 H Do You C What I C
M 085 N A convenient U-shaped saline drip
M 086 N Colour-phyll
M 087 H Tape Tread - The Effect of McConnell Taping on the Quadriceps Angle
M 088 N Therm-NO Runaway
M 089 N Permanent or Perma-not?
M 090 H AnTEAoxidant
M 091 H Pill It Dissolve?
M 092 H Now We're Stressed Out
M 093 N Autonomous Technology: Self-Driving Cars
M 094 H Amazing Amylase
M 095 V Are we Pickling our Oysters?
M 096 D Impact Analysis of Mars EDL Systems
M 097 D WIFI Alumination
M 098 D Turning Bacteria into Electrotrophs to Identify Changes that Influence Extracellular Electron Uptake
M 101 N I've Got Rhythm
M 102 N Throwing Shade: Practical Applications of Thermochromic Pigment
M 103 D The impact of Vaccaria segetalis on skin whiteness
M 104 N An Ultra-Lightweight Orthotic Exoskeleton
M 105 D Can You Be Primed?
M 106 N Fluid Sound Insulation
M 107 N A lighter, cheaper and more efficient car.
M 108 N Muun - Researching Sleep
M 109 N Smart Gas Detection to the Max
M 110 N Robotic Hand With Haptic Feedback
M 111 N Reduce Reuse Remove
M 112 R Factors That Affect Iron Extraction By A Copper Solvent Extraction Reagent
M 113 N Cycology
M 114 F Gender and Memory
M 115 V Environment Friendly Homemade Plastic
M 116 F Modelling City Growth using Kleiber's Law
M 117 V Hydroponics
M 118 F Fruity Sweet, Mighty Ripe
M 119 V Caving In
M 120 D The Identification of Unknown Substances
M 122 D The Immortal Fry?
M 123 D What a mess!
M 124 R Live on Mars?
M 125 D Mic-grow-waves!
M 126 N Solar Powered/Eco-Friendly Garden Watering System
M 127 N Drones for Life
M 128 D Stains Be Stain'?
M 131 F The Need For Speed
M 136 V Worms: Phosphate Producers or Consumers?
M 139 F Colour Psychology
M 165 H Improving the Reflectivity of Eggshells


S 001 H The antimicrobial effects of specific herbs against common bacteria.
S 002 H Direct Conversion of Fibroblasts to Neurons using the CRISPR-Cas9 System
S 003 D Black Holes: The Destruction of our Solar System?
S 004 H Macrophage Phenotype and Function: Effects of Islet Hormone Signaling
S 005 D Effects of implementing a moderate running regimen with an emphasis on improving anxiety in elite athletes
S 006 H Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Flavonoids Present in Pomelo Peel Extracts
S 007 D The Mechanism of Trap Closing in Dionaea Muscipula
S 008 D Testing For Analogous Effects of Radiotropism in Local Yeasts
S 045 E La génération d’énergie en utilisant les coups de béliers
S 046 F Interpretation of Germline ATM Variants Identified in Long-Term Survivors of Pancreatic Cancer
S 047 R Stick It: Impact of Vitamin C Levels on Bacterial Dye Color
S 048 N Solvent-Polymer Deposition 3D Printing: Cost Effective Rapid Prototyping with Sustainability in Mind
S 049 N Electric Motorized Skateboard
S 050 N Testing alternative jet fuels
S 051 H Diabetes: Western Medicine VS Chinese Medicine
S 053 V The Role of Plant Hormones in Organogenesis and the Development of Wild Type and Transgenic Plants
S 071 E Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
S 072 E Piezoelectricity In Transportation
S 074 H Mechanical or Biological? Comparison between mechanical and biological valves used in aortic valve transplant
S 075 H Facebook: Fun or Folly?
S 076 H The Viability and Optimization of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Detection of Common Allergens, Nutrients, and Toxins in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Foods
S 099 D Road Analyzer
S 100 N Preparation of an Important Intermediate in the Synthesis of anti-tuberculosis natural agent Escobarine A

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