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2014 Project List


J 001 D Hot or Not
J 002 D Horses: Breed & Memory
J 003 N Perpetual Motion
J 004 D Is my water pure?!?
J 005 H The Cortex Vortex
J 006 E From Trash to Gas: A Project on Biogas
J 007 H To Paraben or Not to Paraben?
J 008 H Traditional Chinese Medicine, does it really work?
J 018 E Bank per Tank
J 019 H Praise and Criticism: Effects on Athletic Performance
J 020 H Hair To Stay
J 021 H Les boissons gazeuses détruisent-elles le corps?
J 023 H Hypoglycemia: Fruit or Juice?
J 024 E A Battery-Free Flashlight
J 025 D Eye Spy
J 026 D Sel et Glace
J 027 D le meilleur dentifrice
J 028 F Colour Conundrum
J 029 N Friction on an Object
J 030 N Measuring the unseen in water
J 031 D L'effet domino
J 032 N Ultrasonic Detection
J 033 N A Better Wind Turbine - The C Airfoil
J 034 N No Touch, Touch Screen
J 035 D Food fraud
J 036 D Casse-tete
J 037 E La roue d'énergie (the wheel of energy)
J 038 H La perception des couleurs
J 039 E Faire un moteur électrique!
J 040 E Solar Power's Power
J 041 E Les Éoliennes
J 042 E Wave Energy
J 043 H What's in your water?
J 054 F The Power OfThe Core
J 055 F Hair Flammability
J 056 F Les effets du bicarbonate de soude
J 057 F Perception
J 058 F Est-ce que le gomme a macher aide a te faire plus intelligent
J 059 F Finding potential bullying subjects through Data Mining
J 060 F Frappe moi avec votre meillieur tir!
J 061 D Media Minds
J 062 D Fly it
J 063 N Frosted Flakes
J 064 D Weights on a bike
J 065 R L'électricité
J 066 N The Pursuit Of Perpetual Motion
J 067 N The Gaussian Gun mark III
J 068 E La conductivité de l'électricité
J 069 N Speech Recognition
J 070 N Land Fill or Air Fill?
J 071 N Messing With Newton's Law of Viscosity- Oobleck: Does it have a practical application?
J 072 D Rondelles Alourdies
J 073 D The Bacterium Emporium
J 074 E La densité de l'eau chaude et de l'eau froide
J 075 D Grip or Glide
J 076 D "The First Camera"
J 077 R Water Desalination: From Brine to Beverage
J 078 D Does Temperature Affect Magnet Strength?
J 079 D Dry Ice Bubbles
J 080 V La masse des verres de terres
J 081 R Vos vaches: fabriquent t'elles le plastique?
J 082 V Sol de Vancouver
J 083 R Bigger, Better, Sweeter, Stronger
J 094 V Clean Energy From Food Waste
J 096 V Soilar Powered:
J 097 V What do Plants and Microwaves make?
J 098 D Yeast Feast
J 099 V Pelvicachromis pulcher: Does pH Determine the Gender?
J 100 V Household Plants, the New Air Purifiers
J 101 D Black and white
J 102 D Nail polish - polymer substitution
J 103 D How does coconut oil effect the cleaning effectiveness of soap
J 104 V Miraculous Mud
J 105 V Le sucre et ses effets sur la congélation d'eau
J 106 V Naturale Against Chemical
J 107 H The Rise of the Superbug
J 108 H Study of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (Temporary)
J 109 H Le Science du Soda
J 110 H Intelligence Visuel et Spatial
J 111 F Brain Games
J 112 F Les ampoules
J 113 D How does force affect acceleration
J 114 H Diagnosing Dyslexia
J 115 H Sunscreen
J 116 H The Insulator EMFasis
J 117 D Lip Yo Balm
J 118 D Cell Phone Microscope
J 119 D A world With Hydroponics
J 120 V Est - ce que il y a une guérison pour black knot?
J 121 V Anti Microbial properties in Evergreen trees
J 135 D Coloured Clouds
J 136 D Dante's Inferno
J 137 H Are Microwaves Harmful to the Human Body?
J 138 F The Many Myths of Video Games
J 139 F Is Sensitivity Heightened on your Dominant Side?
J 141 V Our Oxygen Factory
J 142 V How does carbonated affect bean plant growth?
J 143 H Blood, Bath and Beyond
J 144 H Paint Fumes Ain't Perfumes
J 145 H Does Your Cell Phone Leak?


TDB 6 ttttttt
M 009 V Plant Talk
M 010 H Redesigning Life
M 011 H The Secret To Running Fast
M 012 E Do Light Emitting Diodes Fade As Temperature Increases?
M 013 H Shooting With Your Eyes
M 014 E MM...Magic Mat
M 015 E Crystal Math
M 016 H Nature's Emerging Medicine
M 017 E Heat Street
M 022 N Prosthetic Project
M 044 H Do You Know What You Want?
M 045 H Honey, what's the buzz about?
M 046 H Naturally Sweet?
M 047 H To Drink or Not To Drink?: an investigation on school water fountains
M 048 E Wireless Electricity
M 049 V Can the color of your house affect your energy bills
M 050 F Which Vowel Sound Allows the Most Vocal Range?
M 051 F Shy or Sociable?
M 052 F What's in it for me? A study on Altruism
M 053 F Les effets de température des bulles
M 084 V Environmental Re-Leaf!
M 085 V Visez Vert
M 086 V Artificial Butterfly Diets
M 087 V Wheel Weights and Water Fleas
M 088 V The Interactions Between Plant Hormones and Nutrients in Relation to Plant Growth
M 089 D Railguns and the Lorentz Force
M 090 D Acids and Bases
M 091 V Seaweed 'n Spills 2.0
M 092 D Which study technique works the best? Flashcards? Or Notes? What if they were Highlighted?
M 093 V Fruity Appeal
M 095 D Microscopic Music
M 122 V Towards an Integrated Solution for Renewable Water and Energy
M 123 D Drying Up the Heat
M 124 D An investigation into the Effects of Electrolyte Concentration in the Construction of Graphene Supercapacitors (or building a Super Duper Supercapacitor)
M 125 V Geothermal Energy
M 126 D Using Flight to Learn About Nature
M 127 D Sly Soaps
M 128 V The Chemicals Killing Our Orcas
M 129 V The Plarn Genie
M 130 V Slugs on Drugs
M 131 D Meet The Millets
M 132 D Magnetic Linear Accelerator
M 134 D Bacterial Evolution
M 140 V The Beandom Experiment
M 186 N Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermoelectric Hybrid Systems (C.P.T.H.)
M 187 N Many Hands Make Light Work
M 188 V Colonel Fuel
M 189 V Shining a Light on a Mung Bean Grow Op
M 190 V Peat Bogs: Contributors or Inhibitors of the Greenhouse Gas Effect?
M 191 V Exploring the Science and Technology of Composting
M 192 N Painting out the Fire
M 193 N L’influence de différentes types d'eau sur la croissance des germes de blé
M 194 N La ferrofluide: une soupape non mécanique
M 195 E Les Aérodynamiques des Fusées
M 196 N H2O Rewind
M 197 N A Tonic for Light Source Efficiency
M 198 H Yeast, pH-lease! Insight into how yeast changes the acidity of its environment
M 199 H Stay Moist
M 200 H The Most Effective Tennis Warm-up??
M 201 N Flourishing Flowers
M 202 N Smart Bin
M 203 E The EcoMat: A Heat Loss Solution
M 204 N Art of Farming
M 206 N DIY Batman
M 218 D Analyzing Changes in Bacterial Communities in Microbial Fuel Cells
M 221 F Fingerprints
M 222 F Depression
M 223 D A visual proof of Van der Waerden's Theorem
M 224 D Knobs + Cases
M 225 D Crash Testing for Dummies: Bark Mulch vs. Concrete
M 226 D Set Fire to the Paint
M 227 H Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification System for Point-of-Care HIV Diagnosis
M 228 H Fast Food Restaurant Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water?
M 229 N Thermal Electricity Powered Wireless mouse
M 231 H The effects of radio frequency waves on cell viability
M 232 N $ZYPO
M 233 H Getting the Wax Out
M 234 N Aerodynamic Drag Race...Watch That "S" Car Go
M 235 H Targeting Glycolysis in Prostate Cancer Using Antisense Oligonucleotides against Monocarboxylate Transporter 4
M 236 D Stroop Test: Does Age Matter?
M 237 D Control that Temper
M 238 E Mr Calorie Mr Joule The Power of Wood
M 239 D They See Me Rollin'
M 240 D Does Time Fly When You're Having Fun?
M 244 H Heliophobia Heals Dracula


S 175 V Island Invaders
S 177 H Factors Affecting Drug Potency
S 178 V NanoPower
S 179 H The effect of p53 on the drug efficacy of CX-5461
S 180 H Engineering a Fully Functional Epidermis from Integumentary Stem Cells
S 181 N Reinventing The Wheel
S 182 H Plants vs Microwaves
S 183 H Deciphering The Flu Virus
S 184 H Essential Oils: Natural Prevention to Dental Caries?
S 185 N Natural Language Interpreter
S 205 D Most Earth-like exoplanets
S 207 N Syntactically Expressive Graph Imaging and Function Manipulation
S 208 N Application of Capacitive Sensors to Modern Education and Security
S 209 H Prostate Cancer-viver
S 210 H Pro-biotic Treatments for Yeast Infection
S 211 H Hunting for Huntington's: Does Somatic Mosaicism at the Huntington's Disease Locus Affect Germline Repeat Instability?
S 212 V The Artificial Pollinator
S 213 V What's the Quack on Blue Mussels?
S 214 N Rice Glue vs. Commercial White Glue
S 215 D Quantity and Location of Nav1.6 in Epilepsy
S 216 N A
S 217 D A Pill to Rewire Your Brain: Sodium Phenylbutyrate on Neuroplasticity
S 219 D Snoozing in School: The Effectiveness of an Afternoon Nap in Increasing Student Alertness
S 220 F Implementation and Performance Investigation of Raspberry Pi Based VOIP Phone System
S 230 N iMicro
S 241 D Survival of Extremophiles on Exoplanets
S 242 D The Physics Of Curling
S 243 H The antimicrobial effects of some herbal substances on common cutaneous infections
S 245 H Prevalence and Consequences of GNA13 Mutations in Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma
S 246 N Music and Physics-Story of a Harmonica
S 247 V Bioremediation Through Oil-Eating Bacteria
S 248 N Nanofluid CPU Cooling: Novel Block Design

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